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Direct Air Capture and It's Role in Combating Climate Change

What is Direct Air Capture (DAC)?

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is a cutting-edge technology that addresses climate change by removing carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the atmosphere. This innovative process is a vital tool on our journey toward a sustainable, decarbonized future. It offers one of many pathways to counteract the rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Why is it essential? Decarbonizing the economy

In pursuit of a low-carbon economy, DAC plays a critical role in supporting the capture process and storage of excess CO2 emissions. DAC works in tandem with other strategies, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, creating a comprehensive approach to mitigating climate change.

DAC offers one of many pathways needed to achieve our collective sustainability goals. DAC is part of a comprehensive strategy to tackle climate change.

Support for DAC

Climate change is a global challenge that requires innovative solutions. Carbon Blade is excited to collaborate with Coffman Engineers on our Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

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