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PRESS RELEASE: Carbon Blade acquires groundbreaking IP for direct air capture from RoCo®

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Carbon Blade Corporation acquires groundbreaking IP for direct air capture (DAC) from RoCo®

Carbon-Blade to Develop Renewable Energy-Powered, Zero-Waste CO2 Removal Systems utilizing RoCo® IP.

San Diego, CA. Date: November 13, 2023

RoCo®, an advanced materials company, has recently sold its innovative Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology to Carbon-Blade, a California-based firm. The revolutionary DAC technology allows carbon regeneration without heat, which fosters the creation of smaller, renewable energy-powered modules. This represents a significant stride forward in carbon dioxide removal.

Carbon-Blade is a climate technology company that is developing technologies to transform global perspectives on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). The company is developing innovative containerized, small-footprint systems that can be deployed virtually anywhere. Powered entirely by renewable energy, these systems will facilitate the capture and removal of CO2 without the need for energy-intensive centralized removal facilities that require expensive support infrastructure to transport the captured CO2 to sequestration sites. According to Josh Franklin, CEO of Carbon Blade, “The acquisition of this technology is key to achieving our goal of being a disruptor and a price leader in the CDR space.”

“The sale of its intellectual property demonstrates RoCo’s® continued dedication to promoting innovative solutions that reduce the cost of carbon capture and contribute to environmental conservation,” said Batool Nulwala, CEO of RoCo®. Furthermore, the company believes that this sale allows both companies to focus on their core competencies, as Carbon Blade is better suited for scaling up this technology.


RoCo®, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is a leading materials technology innovator focused on developing and scaling sustainable technologies that promote clean air, clean water, clean energy, and a better environment for future generations.

Carbon Blade is a California-based climate technology company that develops hardware solutions to capture CO2 directly from the air as a climate mitigation strategy. We believe climate action is the existential challenge for our generation, and the reduction of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, both from decarbonization and CDR, are key to success in this endeavor. As such, we develop renewable energy powered cost-efficient CDR solutions that can lower atmospheric CO2 concentrations at scale.


Media Contact Information:

For RoCo®:

Phone: 724-315-9170

For Carbon-Blade:

Phone: 773-531-8526


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