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When We Work Together


Innovated in the USA and ready for global expansion.

From the shores of San Diego, California to the green hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- our team is highly adaptive and ready to partner with companies that align with our passion to reduce atmospheric carbon.  There are so many uses of CO2. 


Changing the future of carbon capture means thinking differently.

If you’re a business, government or institution working towards reduced, net zero, or even net negative emissions, we can help. Our proprietary Direct Air Capture technology provides feasible, affordable and scalable solutions that can help your business meet critical emissions reductions targets. Whether you’re working to meet your existing sustainability plan, or are building one from scratch, our team will work with you to customize solutions for your needs.

Below are current solutions we are targeting.


Iceland, Hawaii, Italy

The big idea: turn CO2 into stone. It is estimated that Europe could theoretically store at least 4,000 billion tons of CO2 in rocks while the United States could store at least 7,500 billion tons.  Let's do this.



The mineralization of CO2 into carbonates can reduce or eliminate the need for cement in construction materials. The manufacture of carbonated aggregates is a commercially established technology used in building materials in Europe and the United States. CO2 gas is utilized in enhanced curing chambers to mimic nature's mineralization process in geology, only in a much shorter period. The result is building products that trap CO2 forever and reduce or eliminate the need for cement in concrete building materials.


San Francisco, CA

One of the word's most effective climate solutions lays dormant under our feet. Regenerative agriculture restores the health of soils, improves ecosystem services, offers additional revenue for farmers, and provides an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and store enough carbon each year to meet 10% of the world’s Paris Climate Accord commitments.


United States

There are over 3.2 million abandoned oil wells in the United States alone. This is a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity for the nation by eliminating future methane release, sequestering carbon, and cleaning up the earthscape.

Do you have a project that can benefit from Direct Air Capture? Tell us about it. We want to work with you.

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